Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Omni Mandalay Las Colinas, Texas- Hotel & Restaurant Review

My husband and I stay very busy. He has been going to school since before I met him and is still doing so nine years later. In addition to being in school, he also works the night shift in the ER four times a week. I don't have a clue how he does both. I stay at home with our 3 kids, and that is no cake walk either! We don't often get time alone because of our schedules and as a result when the opportunity presents itself, we go all out.

Our wedding anniversary is June 10. This year marks 6 years for us. We were lucky that my aunt and uncle were willing to take the kiddos for us, so that we could have a staycation here in the metroplex.

We chose the Omni Mandalay hotel in Las Colinas as our destination, we have heard such great things about it and read such wonderful reviews online through TripAdvisor.com We emailed the hotel ahead of time about a question we had and mentioned it was our anniversary and I am so glad did. :)

When we got to the hotel and checked in, we found out our room was on the 28th floor, the top floor at the Mandalay. We thought it was pretty cool that we were staying right next to the presidential suite. Ah, to be near a room you can only dream of staying in. But when we stepped in our room, we were not disappointed. Our expectations were exceeded. We noticed right when we walked in that there was a card with our name on it accompanied by chocolate covered strawberries and chilled sparkling wine.

We didn't at all expect that and thought it was a wonderful gesture! We opened the card to a personal message to us:

We were already beyond thrilled! We went to check out the rest of the room. Not only was there plenty of space, there was an amazing view of the downtown Dallas Skyline and Lake Carolyn, which is adjacent to the hotel.

Since we arrived pretty late, we decided to eat dinner at the hotel's restaurant- Trevi's. We made a reservation at around 5:30 for 7:30 that night, so we changed our clothes really quickly and headed downstairs to make it there in time. We thought Trevi's was gorgeous! The ambiance was great. We loved that it was quiet and dimly lit, perfect for an anniversary dinner. We were also impressed that they bottle the water on site and in glass. And it was tasty. We also thought the bread was really good and we both have a haunch that it is also probably made in the restaurant. It was very thick and creamy. Adam got a steak and truffle mashed potatoes and I got the primavera pasta which was loaded with tons of vegetables and tossed in a white wine sauce. We both really enjoyed what we got to eat and would recommend the restaurant to anyone going out for a special occasion in the DFW area.

After dinner we decided to go take a walk outside near Lake Carolyn. We briefly considered taking a Gondola ride, but we were unsure if reservations were required and we just decided we'd rather just continue our walk and then sit on one of the many benches and take in the scenery. It was a nice cool night, but even if it wasn't, I think the big shade trees coupled with the lake would've kept us cool.

To conclude our evening, we went back to our room to enjoy our strawberries and sparkling wine and just spend some uninterrupted time together!

We really enjoyed every aspect about our stay at the Omni Mandalay! We would both highly recommend this hotel to anyone staying in the area, or who like us, needs to just get away from the daily grind. Adam and I both look forward to checking out the many other Omni Hotels.

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  1. I am so happy you got to get away for a bit and just be the two of you! That is such an important thing in a marriage! The hotel sounds AMAZING! Hmm...wonder if there is one in Denver!