Friday, June 15, 2012

KLUTCHclub Health & Fitness Subscription box review & giveaway!!

I am a huge fan of the subscription box craze currently going on. I don't know why nobody had thought of this splendid idea until now. Basically, subscription boxes are filled with 4-6 products, sometimes samples, sometimes full size products, for a flat rate each month. The idea is that you get to try things you might not normally get to try for a discounted price to give it a try and companies get their products out to masses of people. It is definitely a win/win situation! There are many subscription boxes out there that are kind of the same, so I always jump on the opportunity when a new and different one comes along.

I couldn't be more excited about KLUTCHclub. It is all about health and fitness, and we could always use a little bit more of both in our lives! I love discovering products in these categories, so this box is just right up my alley! I like that there are different options as far as your subscription to fit your budget! You can get a one time box for $18, a 3 month subscription with each month's cost being $17 or you can get a year subscription where each box is $16. I like that you have the option to get a single box to try things out and see how you are going to like it. You can also purchase any of the subscription options as a gift! I like that the gift option is available because I think subscription boxes make awesome presents!

I was sent the May KLUTCHclub box for this review! It was full of some pretty awesome goodies!

When I slid the box out, this is what it looked like:

Here is what was in the box!

KLUTCHclub water bottle

O.N.E Coconut Water. A great drink to
hydrate or for recovery after a  workout!

Hydroxatone InstantEFFECT-90 Second Wrinkle Reducer!
It does work and super fast!

$25 off a $26 or more purchase at
 One for you, one for you to share! 

2 think Thin bars. These are a VERY filling snack! I had one
at around 1 and was not hungry AT ALL until at least 7.
They are very tasty too!

One free download (up to $10) at
I downloaded a 60 minute yoga class! Can't wait to try it!
 As you can tell just from the Yoga Download and Moving Comforts alone, this box more than paid for itself. KLUTCHclub guarantees over $50 worth of health and fitness products each month for as little as $16 and at the most $18. I would say my favorite products from this box are the think Thin bars and the free download! I absolutely recommend this box, whether you are a health and fitness novice or expert, or fall somewhere in between. This box is sure to satisfy everyone interested in health and fitness products!

KLUTCHclub wants to give one lucky reader the chance to get their own KLUTCHclub box for FREE! Enter via the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!!

KLUTCHclub was also generous enough to offer a special offer for Cristi's Reviews readers who don't win the giveaway. When you purchase ANY subscription of KLUTCHclub, and enter the code LUCKY when you get to the shopping cart, you will receive a free month of KLUTCHclub!

Want ANOTHER chance to win a KLUTCHclub box?? My friend Crystal over at Trying New Products is also currently giving a box away! Go to Trying New Things to try and win the April Klutchclub box!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer- I was provided a complimentary KLUTCHclub box in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated above are 100% my own. 


  1. I would love to see downloadable workout songs, like a playlist to run to. :)

  2. I love the yoga download and the treats, Yum! they look good.

  3. 90 second wrinkle reducer


  4. I'd love to try the Hydroxatone Instant EFFECT-90 Second Wrinkle Reducer.

  5. I like the ThinkThin bars because I love trying new healthy food products. Id like to see more edibles - maybe fruity snacks and organic chocoalte - ohhhhh and flavorful green tea. Ooo - maybe they could find a green tea gum.

  6. I like the chocolate nuts! If chocolate is an option, that's what I choose!

  7. I love the Thin Thin bars

  8. the coconut water, the more free healthy food and drink the better, the yoga download sounds nice too

    alterna7 at hotmail dot com

  9. The Hydroxatone InstantEFFECT-90 Second Wrinkle Reducer!

  10. the wrinkle cream! :] thank you for the awesome giveaway

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