Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Getting Healthy in June Day 4 + Day 5

Well Day 4 did not go at all well. Actually, that is not totally true. I did pretty well eating throughout the day. Yesterday was the first day my husband was off in four days. Sounds like very little, but since he is a nurse, he works 12 hour shifts, so we rarely see each other. Anyway, my daughter goes to dance class with my mother in law on Monday afternoon, so we decided to go to Target with our two year old boys and ended up at Golden Corral for dinner. I am proud to say I stuck with the vegetarian plan. I had a baked potato, about 1/2  a cup of peas, some rice with mixed veggies and then I had a few things to dip in the chocolate fountain.

The problem was, when my mother in law brought my daughter home, she also brought Adam's cousin who is visiting from San Jose, California. Don't get me wrong, I was very happy to see her and I have loved getting to know her, but I didn't think ahead and do my workout in the morning and I was beat by the time all of the kids got in bed.

Day 5 went pretty decent. I didn't keep up with Myfitnesspal today and that is always an issue for me, but I did manage to do Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred and my memory was correct. Even though it was more intense than level 1, it is just a more comfortable routine for me. I will stick with it, unless I feel like I can do level 3 at some point!

I haven't lost but a few ounces so far, but I can definitely feel my body changing shape again and that is always nice! I remember how great my clothes fit after I lost a few pounds the last time I did The Shred and then they all got two big for me! This time, I am aiming to stay that way for good! The goal right now is to lose at least 5 pounds by June 23rd, we have two weddings to go to that day and it would be lovely to feel comfortable and cute in my fancy clothes. :)

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