Saturday, June 2, 2012

Getting Healthy in June- Day 2

I forgot how after doing the first day of The 30 Day Shred, I can barely walk. I was reminded of that today and remembered just how hard the first 3 days of the program are. The first because it's new and difficult and the second and third because pretty much every muscle in your body is used for the workout, so the next day or two come with lots of soreness. It doesn't help that we have a house with stairs now and going up and down them is killer! May have to pop a few tylenol tonight and tomorrow, as I did not get much sleep yesterday. I think it is a fantastic workout, I love the 3-2-1 interval system (3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, one minute of abs, 3 sets of each) It is only a 20 minute workout, but the most effective one I have ever done. And I have tried many!

As far as Day 2 of being vegetarian, I seem to be having a difficult time staying away from eggs. For this next week, I think I will stick to lacto-ovo vegetarianism and see if I can figure it out after that. This is a big change and I know I can go egg free, but it seems like I need some time to figure that out! I did great staying within my calorie allowance today and drank plenty of water, but I am a water lover so that is not difficult for me.

I tried to add in a little pilates in the morning, hoping it would help me stretch the muscles that were sore, it didn't really, but I am thinking it might if I continue doing so. I might try rotating pilates and yoga and see if either/or will help with the muscle soreness. Of course, I know my body will be used to it in a few days, but it never hurts to tone either. :)

Tomorrow I am going grocery shopping. I asked my husband to look over the list and tell me if he wanted me to buy anything extra and he said he'd eat whatever I make, so that makes things much easier!! I have a menu planned for the week, which I will share tomorrow. For now, I need some sleep!


  1. It is so much easier when everyone eats the same thing! Making several meals is tough when you are trying to get well!

    1. Yes, it is definitely very helpful!