Saturday, June 2, 2012

Little Black Bag Review

Little Black Bag is a subscription box that offers Designer brands at a deeply discounted rate. This includes everything from makeup to handbags and such designers as Marc New York, Betsey Johnson, Kenneth Cole and Steve Madden. For $49.95 you are guaranteed to get 2-4 products worth at least $100 total. You can chose to subscribe monthly or purchase a one time box or gift a box for $59.95

Since I am a member of Klout, I was offered a "perk" for Little Black Bag. The perk was that I would get one extra item in my bag, so I thought I would think ahead and get some gifts early for Christmas for my 19 year old sister and two of my cousins.

The way LBB works is you get to pick one item and then when you pay for it, the other items are added to your bag. You can leave it as is or you have 7 days in which you can offer other LBB members trades or you can accept trade offers you receive.

I chose a pair of Betsey Johnson sunglasses as my main item. The 3 items that were added to my bag were a handbag, though I forget the brand name, an eye shadow pallette and a Minerologie Waterproof Mascara. I traded both makeup items for a Betsey Johnson Heart Bangle and the handbag for a Sterling Silver Horseshoe Necklace. I was so excited, I created the perfect bag and even though it only contained 3 items, it had the perfect gift for each of the ladies I mentioned previously I was shopping for

That was until I got my bag, and it was missing the horseshoe necklace.
My missing necklace

I contacted LBB who said that they would check to see if there was an extra necklace in the warehouse they could send me. Customer service was very nice, but I didn't hear back in the next few days (it was a holiday weekend though) so I emailed them to check on my bag. They informed me there was no extra necklace in the warehouse and that my option was either to add an extra item to my next box or get a refund for $17.40 for the necklace. I was disappointed I was not offered the option to exchange the item for something else immediately and that I would not have the perfect gift for my little cousin come Christmas. Luckily, I have plenty of time to shop before then, but I thought I had already taken care of it.

Overall, I think Little Black Bag is a great concept, but I hope they work really hard at making sure everyone gets ALL of their items in their boxes and that if something like that were to happen, that they would also offer an immediate product exchange.

Betsey Johnson Heart bangle

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