Friday, June 8, 2012

Little Black Bag Review- Update

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take the time to post an update about my missing item from Little Black Bag. You can see my original Little Black Bag review here. Anyway, yesterday when I had a pizza delivered, I noticed a box from Little Black Bag and hadn't ordered anything, so I was hoping that maybe they found the necklace I didn't receive. I was thrilled to open the box and find that necklace there! Yay! Now I do have 3 perfect Christmas gifts. :)

Thank you to Little Black Bag for making this great effort to make sure I got my missing item!

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Little Black Bag is a whole new way to shop. You get to pick one item from many upscale brands. Once you purchase that item, LBB will add 2-3 more items that are guaranteed to be worth at least $100 total. If you don't like the items you received, you have a week to trade with other members until you get the box you want. The box is $49.95 or a one time box or gift box for $59.95.

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