Monday, June 18, 2012

Bridgeworld by Travis McBee- Book Review

William Haynes has it easy. He is smart, a star athlete and can have his pick of girls. He has the perfect life. A life any middle school aged boy would dream of. But something is missing. That is, until a strange man begins to follow him and he learns his parents have been keeping an enormous secret from  him- they are actually from another planet! William is offered the opportunity to attend school on Broglio at Bridgeworld, his parents alma mater. At Bridgeworld he will finally be challenged- academically and athletically- and finally feel that he is where he belongs.

I thought Bridgeworld was a pretty good read. I really enjoyed the prologue with Will's parents background story and how they ended up on Earth. It was also refreshing that although it was a fantasy novel, there were no super powers or magic going on and that the residents of "Broglio" look the same as the humans of Earth. I thought it was an original story and I really enjoyed that about it. I would say though, that this story is definitely meant for young boys. It is written from a young teen boy's view and I think they have the most to gain from reading Bridgeworld. I also think they would get the most enjoyment out of it and be able to relate to it on every level. I don't think that girls wouldn't enjoy it, there is a touch of a love story in it, not enough to gross out guys, but maybe just enough to satisfy a young girl. I would say overall though, this is a story that boys would specifically enjoy.

The ending was definitely leading into another story, Bridgeworld is definitely intended to be a series. I think those are the best types of young adult novels because then you really have time to connect with the characters and watch them grow! The 2nd installment in the Bridgeworld series will be available sometime in July.

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*Disclaimer- I was provided a copy of Bridgeworld by Hydra Publications for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review. All thoughts stated above are 100% my own.

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