Friday, June 8, 2012

Getting Healthy in June Days 6 +7

Well, the last few days have been nuts and I have slipped up a few times and not done my workouts. My 4 year old has all of the sudden decided that sleeping is something that she doesn't require pretty much at all. I usually do my workouts after all of the kids are in bed, but she keeps staying awake until almost 11! I am going to just start doing them as soon as I put the boys to sleep. I did manage to fit in a 15 minutes Pilates workout. I did that while they were all awake. It was funny because Miles was trying to do the workout with me, it was super cute. I think I have decided I like Pilates much better than Yoga, but maybe one day Pilates will make me flexible enough to actually get better at Yoga. I am decent at it, but not as good as I like. I won a yoga prize package a while back at a Gaiam TV twitter party that included yoga blocks, I need to remember to utilize them. :) Anyway, I know that I probably won't have time for any workout tomorrow because I have my cousins graduation at 11 AM, then her party at 3 PM and then Adam and I are going to start our anniversary celebration. We have been married for 6 years on Sunday! Time flies when you're having fun (or you have 3 kids and your husband is constantly in school ;)) Well, I will try to wake up early and fit in a workout. And I will definitely be doing the Shred tonight! No excuses! The exact same thing happened the last time I did this workout. I did a terrible job the first week and then stuck to my guns and did it for 30 days after the first week was out of the way, looks like that is how it is going to be again. So I guess it's now turned into the 37 day shred. lol

I have really been good about eating vegetarian, minus the whole eating eggs thing. Any Vegetarians/Vegans out there have any tips for that? In fact, it has got to a point that the thought of eating meat makes me feel sick. That has always been, but now even more so. I might be sticking to this for good. I won't make my family, unless they just want to, but I have been trying to cut meat out of my diet for so long and I am glad that I have finally been successful! And it really hasn't been that difficult. I do need to start keeping up with my food diary on Myftitnesspal so that I make sure I stay within my calorie allowance. I have made one exception to eating vegetarian (besides the eggs) and that is to continue to take Krill oil. The benefits have just been so great for me.

Well, I probably won't write journal entry about this again until Monday, so see ya then!

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