Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hylunia Skin Care Review

One of the biggest concerns for women is their skin and in particular their face. Many of us put a lot of effort into a daily regimen devoted to keeping our face looking young and healthy. Unfortunately, a lot of skin care products have harmful chemicals in them that can do more harm than good. This is not the case with Hylunia skin care products.

Hylynia was born when a concerned father, who also happened to be a scientist, searched for safe skin care products to use on his then infant daughter, without much success. He decided to partner with a team of accomplished dermatoligists, scientists and physicians to create an irritant free product line that would use nature's healing power to keep skin safe, soft and radiant. So in 1988, Hylunia was born.

I was sent the normal/combination skin travel kit to try out. It included travel sized items of the facial cleansing gel, Colloidal Silver with lavender floral water spritz, super moisturizing facial day lotion, and super moisturizing night cream. I have been impressed with the overall regimen. The first day the cleansing gel did dry my face out a little bit, but I didn't notice that happening any other day. I do have dry skin though, so that could be why I ran into that problem, but like I said, it was only for the first day. The moisturizers were to do for. My face felt so hydrated after using them. And I was really happy to see colloidal silver used in this skin care kit. It's healing properties are amazing and have really helped minimize the eczema that I tend to get on my face.

Other product benefits listed on the Hylunia website of using this beauty regimen are-
* the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
*repairs sun damaged, over treated, asphyxiated or dehydrated skin (my skin definitely feels less dehydrated!)
*deeply cleanses to minimize the appearance of blackhead formation and protects skin against microbial proliferation.

I was impressed with Hylunia without a doubt. I would recommend any of these products to anyone that likes to take an organic/natural approach to skin care. I also really love the fact that all items ship for free!

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*Disclaimer- I was sent a travel size skincare kit to try for this review. All opinions stated in this post are 100% my own.


  1. I have dry skin but I break out like a stinking teenager! Drives me bananas. Even some of the organic stuff I have tried still make me break out. In your opinion is this one to try?

    1. Oh girl, I get acne too. It is SO annoying. I get the double whammy of acne and eczema which couldn't be any more different from the other!

      I did really like these products, but if you get them, I would recommend getting the dry skin kit.