Sunday, June 3, 2012

Getting Healthy in June- Day 3

I was surprised that my body was not as sore today as yesterday. Maybe it was the Pilates. Or maybe my body just remembered this workout from the last time I did it. Either way, I am thankful. Yesterday was rough because all 3 of my kids at some point sat on my legs or pushed on my legs and it REALLY hurt. Glad that is behind me! I did level one of The 30 Day Shred and while I was doing it, remembered that I  much preferred level 2 and actually found it easier. So I will be switching to that tomorrow and see how that goes. I didn't do Yoga or Pilates today because I couldn't seem to fit it in, I will try to tomorrow. I like the relaxation it offers and I really do think it helps de-stress and help strengthen the muscles for the hardcore cardio that is 30 Day Shred.

As far as the eating goes, I stayed within my limits today again, but barely. I am going to have to cut back on snacking or pick better snacks. I went to the grocery store today and plan to make a homemade trail mix to snack on. Fruit also makes a great snack, so I will aim to do that as well. I had chia seeds in my breakfast and I am telling you, they are a GREAT source of fiber AND omega 3 and I think I read somewhere that they contain more antioxidants than blueberries or red wine or something like that. I am a fan. They are pretty tasteless, so I am going to start adding them to at least one meal a day. They are pricey though, that is the only downfall, but really, so are man made fiber supplements, so at least this is from a plant, no extra ingredients. I made a vegetarian taco salad for dinner that was good, but the kids didn't seem to like it. This will take some getting used to for them, I think. They are still eating, just picking at some of the main food.

Here is the menu I came up with for this week-

Breakfast- oatmeal w/chia seeds
Lunch- Black Bean Quesadillas & salsa
Dinner- Vegetarian Shepard's Pie (although Adam hinted at maybe eating out, so we will see)

Breakfast-Fruit & Yogurt
Lunch- spinach and tomato pizza
Dinner- Vegetarian Chili

Breakfast-Whole Wheat Waffles w/honey
Lunch-Baked Potato
Dinner-Indian vegetable somosas + Salad

Breakfast- protein shake + chia seeds + banana
Lunch-Grilled cheese sandwich (provolone, tomato & basil)
Dinner-Ravioli Florentine

Breakfast- Oatmeal w/chia seeds
Lunch- Smoothie & Salad
Dinner- leftovers

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