Sunday, April 29, 2012

Everest Nutrition Krill Oil Review & Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I was provided the opportunity to try Everest Nutrition Krill Oil. I have been meaning to try krill oil for a long time. My husband is a licensed Chiropractor so our family is definitely into taking care of our bodies with proper chiropractic care and high quality supplements. We have been taking  Omega 3 supplements in the form of fish oil for a few years. I will admit I started taking the kids gummy kind because the liquid kind was hard to swallow. Anyway, there has definitely been a shift in the natural health community leaning more toward Krill oil as the best source of Omega 3 in supplement form. I was super excited to receive my Krill oil from Everest Nutrition and couldn’t wait to see how it worked.

Right on the front of the bottle is touts that health benefits include support of joint health, cardiovascular health and relief of pms symptoms. I am a very healthy 30 year old woman, so the first two aren’t that big of a concern for me (yet) I was elated to see that Krill oil might relieve pms symptoms. And boy did it. The first few days of my period and the few days preceding them, I get terrible cramps and bad headaches. I really noticed a difference of these symptoms being lighter while taking the krill oil. I am thinking that continuing on the regimen of Krill oil, maybe it will dissipate the symptoms all together…but only time will tell. I will definitely take a day of mild cramping over the 3-4 days of severe cramping I usually have.  As I mentioned before, I am young and healthy but I do have a major problem with eczema and dry skin, particularly on the face. The biggest improvement I noticed with taking the krill oil is how wonderful my skin looks and feels.  Any time I have taken an omega 3 supplement, I have noticed somewhat of a change in how my skin feels, but the Krill oil has made a huge difference and it did so in just a short amount of time. I look at myself in the mirror and actually feel like I look cute! It’s great to look in the mirror and not see dry patches or red splotches.
This is my makeup free face for you to
see how clear the skin is. Wish I had a
before photo!!

Everest Krill Oil is 100% Pure Krill Oil produced by a patented cold-vacuum extraction of Antarctic Krill. It is in a gel cap form and doesn’t really have a taste at all, which makes it a lot easier to swallow than other Omega 3 supplements on the market. It also contains 48 times more antioxidant activity than other fish oil, according to the bottle it is in.

I definitely plan to continue taking this krill oil. I recommend it for the skin improvements alone, all of the other stuff is just icing on the cake. I love that it is manufactured right here in the USA and that there is a 90 day money back, no questions asked, guarantee. You can’t beat that.

Want a chance to try Everest Nutrition Krill Oil for yourself? Today is your lucky day! I have been provided one bottle of 60 capsules (a 30 day supply) to giveaway to one lucky reader! Enter below via the Rafflecopter!

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*Disclaimer- I was provided a bottle of Krill Oil in exchange for my honest opinion. I was also provided a bottle to giveaway. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. do look cute! I need some krill oil--heard it's good for weight loss. :-)

    1. Thanks! Combine it with some Vit. D3 and I think you have a winning pair for weight loss help imo. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I think all housewives can use an energy boost! We have so much to take care of, sometimes we forget about ourselves!

  3. Blood Pressure- ever since having high blood pressure while pregnant, I have a hard time keeping it down!

  4. Very interesting.. isit usefull for kids too? I've heard that it's not -

  5. It’s a best way to stay healthy and younger for long time. That’s why peoples are switching to Natural health care supplements like krill oil, omega 3, instead taking strong medicines.