Monday, April 9, 2012

Cureology Shine Mist Review

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As a mom of three kids all aged 4 and under, I am constantly looking for products that will add to my beauty routine that will make me look nicer, but in a quick manner. I found just that in Cureology's illumination shine mist.

Cureology is a special company. Not only are their hair products free of a bunch of junkie chemicals that are no good for your hair or your health (you won't find any parabens, sulfates, aluminum, synthetic fragrances, phalates or any other harsh chemicals in these products. They are 100% natural.) Cureology products are  green, sustainable and vegan friendly. They are also full of antioxidents, cruelty free and organic to boot. If that set of standards isn't enough to show you how truly amazing this company is, Cureology is a cause product. That means that portions of their sales go to a specific cause, in this case, The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Through the sales of Cureology products the NBCF is able to provide funding for free mammograms, increased awareness through education and cancer research.

The Cureology products are salon exclusive. That means if you want to buy them, you have to do so at your local salon. If your salon doesn't carry these products orif you are a stylist interested in carrying Cureology products you see about starting at the Cureology website. If you want to find out if a salon near you carries these products, you can call 855-444-2873.

As far as the Shine Mist goes, I really liked it. The bottle directs you to style your hair as you normally would and then spray it evenly on your hair. I love the shine that it adds and I noticed after using it a few days in a row that it also added some volume. Something I really loved about the Cureology Shine Mist is that it smells so good. That is the awesome thing about all natural products, they smell so fresh and clean, not like hair spray, which a lot of traditional styling products smell like. It also makes my hair feel super soft. I could really tell this was a salon quality product. Not only does the Cureology Shine Mistmake your hair soft and shiny, it also offer's uvb protection. Does your hair product do that? I think that is pretty innovative.

**Disclaimer** I was provided a free sample of Cureology's Illumination Shine Mist for this review, however all opinions stated here are 100% my own.

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