Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day! Tree Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Today is such an important day. In 1970 Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, an environmental and conservationist activist, took the lead in starting the very first Earth day. He realized even then that we were on a parth to enviornmental disaster.

Today it is more important than ever to get back to taking care of our planet in the choices we make if not for ourselves, for the future generations to come. The good news is there are so many things you can do to help this cause! One thing you can do is plant a little garden at your house. Another is conserving energy and using natural resources. In celebration of Earth Day today, my kids and I are going to go outside and pick up trash around our neighborhood. That is just another small way you can help. A big thing you can do is recycle! It's so easy! Most neighborhoods even provide you a recycle bin. Utilize it! If you live in an apartment, there are recycle banks you can go to as well. Another great thing you can do is plant trees. This is really important. Arbor.Org makes that easy for you. If you pay just $10 to become a member, they will send you 10 free trees to plant! That is not much for that many trees! If you don't have somewhere to plant the trees, you can choose to have those trees planted in a forest in need. With your memership, you are also given a discount to trees in the nursery shop at These are some great deals. I have always wanted fruit and nut trees, so I plan to buy some to plant for the fall.

I wanted to do something special for Earth Day since it is so important, so I am giving away a 6 month membership to The Arbor Day Foundation! You can chose whether you want the 10 trees to plant for yourself (or you could share some with friends) or you can donate your ten trees to a forest in need and still receive the discounts on trees for the duration of your membership. Spring trees have already been sent out so if you chose to get the ten trees for yourself, it is possible they won't be delivered until this fall. You can email and ask  them to override the date if you want. However, if you do this, it voids the gaurantee on your trees. The cut off day was only last week, so I really don't think it would make a huge difference if you decided to have your trees delivered for the spring. Join me in taking each step you can in order to better take care of our precious planet!

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*Disclaimer- did not sponsor or endorse this post or giveaway in any way. I just really wanted to do something meaningful for Earth day, so this is coming out of my own pocket!


  1. I love oak trees. I think they are so beautiful when they are full grown.

    1. Oak trees are beautiful! Are you familiar with Bradford Pears? My parents had one in their front yard when I was growing up. It was gorgeous.

  2. There is many, but I love Maples and arborvitae bushes.
    jshallow01 @
    btw - would love to win this to have a playgroup & pass out to the preschoolers to go home & plant!

    1. That would be a wonderful way to use your win! What a great idea. Not much longer left until I draw the winner. :)