Thursday, May 24, 2012

Style United- New View, New You

Sometimes I just don't know where to begin when I want to buy a new outfit, or try a new look with makeup. I like to experiment with makeup and fashion, but sometimes I like an extra boost getting started with it. Enter a new website devoted to helping you discover your best bets in fashiona and beauty-StyleUnited. Style United is a great website full of tools to help you discover trends or even experiment with different looks. There are "style file" quizzes you can take to tell you what your style is in different categories. After you take the quizzes, the website will suggest different products to you.
I had a lot of fun taking these quizzes. For the fashion quiz, my result was "flirty romantic" which I think hit the nail right on the head. The outfits they suggested were almost all things I would consider wearing. I love that there is an option to save the things you like in your profile.

For the makeup quiz my result was "fresh" which once again I felt was dead on. There were some great product suggestions in this category as well. You can also input information for your skin type (mine is dry) and hair type (mine is wavy) to find the best products to fit your needs.

I really like the StyleUnited website and I plan to utilize it quite often when I am the mood to get a new outfit. I find that I like the fashion part of the website the best. There is definitely something for everyone at Style United.

After you join StyleUnited, head over to this blog post by She Speaks for your chance to win a $500 gift card to Macy's or Nordstrom just by leaving a comment telling She Speaks you've joined the Style United website. Don't miss the opportunity to be one of the first people to check out this innovative fashion and beauty website- for free!


*Disclosure- I am receiving a complimentary gift from P&G/SheSpeaks in exchange for this post, but all  opinions are 100% my own."


  1. Oh wow! This is awesome! I need to check this out!

    1. It's pretty cool, I think you will like it for the fashion part alone- at least I did. :)