Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wildflowers from Winter by: Katie Ganshert- Book Review

I can not say how much I loved this book. I was drawn into it from the very first line. I was invested in the characters from the get go. It is full of many tragic circumstances that make the main character re-evaluate what she thinks is important in her life. Bethany Quinn is a jaded woman. She grew up in a very small town where the tragic circumstances surrounding her father's death when she was a little girl, make her shut everyone out. As an adult, she is a successful architect in Chicago and content in her life, until even more tragic events bring her home to the small town in Iowa she swore she'd never return to. The second she gets there, she is itching to leave, but there's something about her grandpa's live in farm hand, Evan, that she can't quite put her finger on. Evan is equally as drawn to Bethany. She infuriates him half of the time, but he also finds himself wanting to find why she is so adamant about locking her feelings  away.
I find myself wondering the whole book whether Bethany would ever stop being so standoffish and open herself up to Evan. I also wondered through out the book what exactly happened to her dad that made her feel the way she did and I was cheering throughout the whole book for her to get over herself and open up to Evan. I thought this was a fantastic book from any author, but I was very surprised to  find it was a debut novel. I thought the story flowed well and as soon as I reached the end, I thought that I would love to read a second book involving some of these characters and was happy to see in the author's acknowledgments that there is indeed one in the works. I can only hope that Evan and Bethany at least in some way, are a part of that book as well. I know it will be a great novel regardless and look forward to reading it!

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*Disclaimer- I was provided an advanced copy of Wildflowers from Winter from WaterBrook Multnomah via their Blogging for Books program in return for my review. All thoughts stated here are 100% my own.

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