Thursday, May 3, 2012

Going on Vacation

Today, I will be boarding a plane to leave the heat of Texas and take on all of the beautiful scenery and weather in Colorado to visit my best friend. I can not wait and you can look forward to some reviews of all of the fun things we have planned when I get back!

I will still post some reviews while I am gone the next 5 days, but will be noticeably absent.

What are your favorite places to visit in Colorado? I know we will be spending time in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Georgetown and probably Denver. I have only been to Colorado once a long time ago and I can't wait to be there this evening! I hope everyone has a


  1. I have been to Aspen and Colorado Springs. Fun shops in Aspen! Have fun! (Alexa Hop

    1. Thanks Erinn. I had a great time! My friend that lives there is right outside of Colorado Springs, but we spent our time mostly in Boulder & Georgetown. I would highly recommend either. Such a beautiful place!