Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Original Sprout Review

Original Sprout is a company I was already somewhat familiar with because I have been using their curl calmer and leave in conditioner in my kids' hair since they were infants. I jumped at the chance to review some of their products I had yet to try because I feel very comfortable with the company and the ingredients they choose to use, as well as the icky stuff they make sure NOT to use. Inga, the founder of Original Sprout, is a master stylist and started a quest that would end up lasting 9 years, the end result- Original Sprout.

For this review, I was sent Original Sprout Miracle Detangler, Original Sprout Shampoo and  Face & Body Sunscreen from the new Tahitian Family line.

The first product I used was the Face & Body sunscreen from the new Original Sprout Tahitian Family line. I am very particular about my sunblock. I, of course, only use sunblocks that are not full of a bunch of ingredients I can't pronounce. The last thing I want to rub onto my body, or worse yet, my kids bodies, are chemicals that could harm us. I have tried a ton of natural sun blocks on the market, there are very few that I use on a regular basis. Many of them just won't rub in all of the way. The Original Sprout Tahitian sunblock was not too thick and not to thin and it rubbed into my skin super easily without leaving any greasy residue. It worked fantastic at keeping me from getting burned and smells so good! Right on the front of the packaging it is labeled Free & Clean and even goes on to tell you what it is free of- No parabens, nano particles, formaldehyde, petroleum oils, propylene glycol, dioxanes, sulfates, gluten, soy or dairy. I love that it is all right there for you to see, for me, a disclosure like that makes me feel comfortable with buying a product I know I will be putting on my children. Did I mention that Original Sprout products are also vegan friendly and biodegradable?

Next we tried the shampoo on my three kids. Let me start this by saying my two year old boys HATE getting their hair washed. It is a fight usually nightly. The Original Sprout shampoo has the same Free & Clean label as the sunblock, as well as the other Original Sprout products. I lathered up the kids' hair and was delighted to find that this shampoo washes out super quickly. That is a big deal to this mom of twin two year olds who hate getting their hair wash. It left their hair soft and shiny and smelling awesome. Another cool thing about Original Sprout is that while they all smell amazing the are all made with naturally derived ingredients & are certified FREE of phthalates, lavender, tea tree, PG, DPG, parabens, dioxanes, benzenes, formaldehydes, acetaldehydes, styrene, toluene, chlorobenzene & glycol ethers. Who says you can't have a great smelling product without using synthetic fragrance?

Finally, we tried the miracle detangler on my 4 year olds thick hair that is prone to tangling. We sprayed it on right after we towel dried her hair a bit after washing it with the shampoo and that stuff really is a miracle! Usually when I spray detangler on my daughter's hair, It takes me brushing through it a few times before I can brush through it. With the miracle detangler, the hair was soft and easy to brush through right away!

Original Sprout products have been outselling other brands in boutiques, salons, and health food stores and have a cult following among "green" hollywood, salons and women's who want high quality, safe products for their families! Original Sprout is a family owned company run out of San Luis Obispo, California.

Want to check out what all of the fuss is about? Try it out for yourself! You can purchase Original Sprout online, find it in health food stores like Central Market, in Salons like Cool Cuts for Kids and locally, Sweet & Sassy in Plano, TX just started carrying Original Sprout products this week!

If you order online at, enter the code FIRST_ORDER_10-U for 10% off your first order!

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*Disclaimer- I was given complimentary Original Sprout products in exchange for my honest review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. The Detangler sounds like a dream. I love trying new kids hair products, thanks for the review.


  2. My four year old daughter has beautiful curly hair that she has yet to let me trim!! The detangler sounds a great product! I will have to try it! Thanks for the review. I have never heard of this company.

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