Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Taste of Home Recipes Across America Cookbook Review

*Disclosure- I received a free e-ARC of the book from the publishers via NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own. 

About the book:
 Whether sinking your teeth into crispy Southern Fried Chicken, enjoying a Philly Cheese Steak or sampling a slice of Ozark Mountain Berry Pie, you simply can’t beat the comfort of iconic American foods. Now, it’s easier than ever to sample the flavors of the country with Taste of Home Recipes Across America.

This keepsake collection offers 735 recipes that deliver regional flair from all 50 states. Grill up a fiery Southwestern barbecue, stir together a little Texas Caviar, host a New England clam bake or share a Chicago deep dish pizza! You’ll find everything from no-fuss snacks and quick supper ideas to weekend menu items and impressive desserts…each of which left a delicious mark on its part of the country!

Divided into five regions (Northeast, South, Midwest, Southwest and West), Recipes Across America offers all the mouthwatering specialties enjoyed by locals, including unforgettable dishes featuring regional produce. You’ll even discover ethnic favorites passed-down through generations of cultures who established roots in various cities throughout the nation.

As a bonus, you’ll enjoy fun food facts and folklore sprinkled throughout the pages. (For example, did you know that Chef George Crum of Saratoga, NY is rumored to have created the potato chip after a customer complained about the chef’s fried potatoes?) There are even colorful photos and notes regarding regional landmarks, infamous restaurants and more.

With so many recipes, photos and kitchen tidbits, Taste of Home Recipes Across America makes it a snap to take your senses on a culinary vacation you’ll cherish for years to come.
My thoughts:

I am always up for checking out a new cookbook. Taste of Home always has some wonderful cookbooks, I own a few of them myself. Taste of Home Recipes Across America is divided into U.S. regions and offers several different types of food from each region. It is interesting to see the differences in recipes between the north, south and everything in between. It is truly interesting how different regions tend to cook different things, but it makes sense because before the industrialization of food, everyone would have had to cook with what they had local to them. I think it is pretty cool to learn about recipes that I may not otherwise have come across. There are over 700 hundred recipes in this book, so there are plenty of recipes to keep you coming back for more. You could literally make 2 recipes per day for an entire year and there would still be a few you didn't get to. Now that is an awesome cookbook! Besides the fact that there are tons of amazing recipes in this cookbook (I can not even tell you how many I have marked to give a try) there is a pretty cool feature running throughout the book. Throughout the different sections on the regions there are facts and tidbits about different cities and sometimes about the foods rumored to have come from them. I love to travel and learn about new places, so this feature is really interesting to me and I think it is a great addition to an already enticing book.

Some of the recipes I have tried or have marked to try are:

Orange Julius
Toasted Cheese Ravioli
Crumble Top Coffee Cake
Glazed Cinnamon Apples
Cheesy Beans & Rice
Rosemary Garlic Roast Beef
Strawberry Biscuit Shortcake
Amish Breakfast Casserole
Maple Pancakes
Lemon Filled Coconut Cake
Double Cheese Eggs Benedict

This is just a taste of the many interesting recipes in this book.

Taste of Home Recipes Across America will be available on September 12, 2013. You can pre-order it on Amazon.com. I would recommend Taste of Home Recipes Across America to anyone who likes to cook. This is the type of cookbook that everyone should really have in their collection!

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