Thursday, August 22, 2013

Escape Monthly Review (Napa Escape) + Coupon Code for 20% Off For Life!

*Disclosure- I was not compensated for this review nor did I receive any free products. This post does however contain affiliate links.

I have been eagerly awaiting the first Escape Monthly box since I signed up a few months ago to receive it. I was thrilled when I found it on my doorstep and picked it up to find a very heavy box. I knew it was going to be filled with exciting products. The theme for this inaugural box was Napa Valley, so all of the products included were things that either had to do with Napa, came from Napa or would remind you of being in the Napa Wine Country. My first impression of this box is I love the ocean green/blue color of the box. It definitely goes along with the "vacation in a box" theme making me think of the ocean. As I opened the box, I thought that the blue/green & white chevron pattern on the box lid and the tissue paper covering the products was darling. Presentation is a big part of how the overall box will be received and I think Escape Monthly did a nice job in that area! As I removed the tissue paper, I was impressed with the amount of products that were included in this box, it seemed almost never ending. Pretty much all subscription boxes come with a little postcard or paper of some sort saying what is included in the box. What I love about this box and what sets them apart from other subscription boxes is that they include the retail value of each product in the list of goodies received!

Here is what was included in the box:

Napa & Sonoma Moon Handbook- This is a vacation guide all about Napa and it's surrounding areas. It was definitely one of my favorite products included. Napa wasn't necessarily on my vacation radar before this box and now it definitely is. It is fun to read about all the sights and things to do in the Napa Valley and surrounding areas.  Retail Value: $16.95

Mineral Essence Dead Sea Salt Bath Salt: I do not know if you can tell in the picture above because of it's small size, but I couldn't wait to use these bath salts so they were already opened by the time I took the picture for this blog post! They smell WONDERFUL and make for an excellent relaxing bath. Retail Value: $26.96

Tiesta Loose Leaf Tea: I am not a huge tea fan, but this tea sounds so different that I really want to give it a try. This is a white tea with infusions of red currant, pomegranate, raspberries and a white grape aroma. It will be interesting to try! Retail Value: $7.99

Napa Valley Wine Soap: This is in the cutest little package and smells wonderful. A good bar of soap to put out when you have guests! What I love about this product is that it is actually from Napa. Retail Value: $8.95

All Natural Loofa Bath Sponge: Somehow this fell out of the box before I took the picture, so it is not pictured above, but it looks like it will make a great exfoliating loofah. I look forward to giving it a try! Retail Value $7.49

Deluxe Floating Bath Candles: These are so cute! Two were included in the box. Retail Value: $5.95

100% Pure Juicy Sugar Body Scrub: This is made of all natural, simple and artisanal ingredients, just the way I like my bath products!  Retail Value: $15.00

Cookie Zen: Cookie and Cork Pairing Essentials: These are apricot cookies meant for being paired with wine. I am sure they are fantastic with wine, but I tried one on it's own and it was just fine that way as well. :) Retail Value: $7.95

7th Heaven Facial Mask: Another all natural bath and body product, another win in my book! Retail value $2.99

Mixture Luscious Lip Balm: This lip balm has a nice minty flavor. It is not tested on animals and mixed in small batches. I really like it. I can never have too much lip balm! Retail Value: $4.99

Total Retail Value: 105.22

There was also a bonus item included that was a $50 gift card for I used mine. I paid $10 for shipping and the extra $1 for the gift set I ordered, so for six bottles of wine it was $11. I will probably save a few for gifts! GREAT bonus item! Retail Value: $50

In addition to the things listed above, there were a few extra little things. There was a bar of unscented glycerin soap and a little sample of a really nice, thick lotion! 

I thought this was a great firsts box and I still think it is a brilliant concept for a subscription box. I would love to see more local products from the places the boxes are themed around, but other than that I am totally impressed. I am also anxiously awaiting the announcement of who won the vacation this month! Each month, Escape Monthly will give one lucky subscriber a vacation to the place that boxes month is themed around!! What other subscription box company does that?!? This really sets them apart from the competition!

September's Escape is going to be Oregon, The Lush Pacific Northwest. This is an area I have always wanted to vacation in, but haven't got around to. I will be looking forward to having a little bit of Oregon brought to my doorstep next month.

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