Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Food Should Taste Good Review

*Disclosure- I received free products in exchange for my honest opinion via Bzzagent. All opinions are 100% my own.

At our house, we try to make sure we pick healthy snack options. For us, that means food that is truly food and not overly processed. I have seen Food Should Taste Good products while out and about and have thought about trying them, but just have not got around to it yet, so I was really excited to be invited to take part in this BzzCampaign. I was even happier when the Bzzkit arrived and it was filled with a vary generous amount of product! There were 3 full size bags, 2 single serving bags, a really nice chip clip and a great reusable bag! My kids were most interested in trying the blue corn chips and they devoured them in just a few minutes. I was able to sneak a bit of one and I will say that out of all of these, it was definitely my favorite and I definitely plan to buy some more. I gave my kids some of the sweet potato chips today with lunch and once again, they cleaned them off of their plates. I thought they tasted really good too. They are chips, but they are thick enough to be considered a cracker as well (it even says so on the front of the bag!) making these little gems a great choice for dips and salsas.

These are really good chips and the coolest thing is that they are just full of healthy ingredients- things like quinoa, flaxseed and sweet potato and they are missing the crazy unhealthy stuff that most chips do contain like msg, trans fat and artificial colors and flavors and they are GMO-free to boot. This company makes snacks that I feel comfortable eating and more importantly snacks I feel comfortable allowing my kids to eat as well. I am sure that Food Should Taste Good chips will definitely be making an appearance or two in my soon to be kindergartener's lunchbox!

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