Thursday, July 19, 2012

Petit Amuse- Subscription Box Review

I'm excited to tell you about a new subscription box called Petit Amuse. I love the concept of subscription boxes. It is a great way to try multiple products without having to pay full price. This is a great way to learn about products you might not have otherwise known you love! Petit Amuse is a "foodie" box. Each month you will receive 3-4 samples of artisan foods. I like this concept because there isn't another subscription box out there like it and this is a great way to learn about small businesses that you might not hear of if you didn't subscribe to Petit Amuse. This box is  only $10 a month!

Here is what was in the box!

I really liked this energy bar from Garuka bars. It is 
made with only natural ingredients (it even makes use of
raw honey!) Not only that, they are SUPER TASTY!

This ice wine jelly is pretty tasty! I wasn't sure
how adding wine to jelly would translate-
surprisingly, it works well!

These Cha-cha's-chocolate cookies from
Lark Fine Foods- were indulgent. I really 
enjoyed them, so much I hid while I ate 
them so I didn't have to share. shh!

Another cookie from Lark Fine Foods- These are
 a twist on a typical shortbread cookie. Once again, 
these were very good.

Lastly, this bag of Oogie's Sun Dried
tomato and parmesan gourmet
popcorn was included. I really didn't 
think this flavor would translate well to
popcorn, but as I am learning,
Oogie's just can't seem to miss.
I also love that their popcorn is GMO free.

There was not a bad product in the box, it is only $10 a month and you can help support small businesses! For me, that makes Petit Amuse a big win among the subscription box options currently available!

Sign up for your own Petit Amuse box.


  1. I love subscription boxes... such a smart idea.. first I've heard of this one though... looks awesome!