Sunday, July 29, 2012

Crum Creek Review + 15% off your first order!

I am always on the lookout for products that have my well being in mind. I don't eat things that have ingredients I can't pronounce and I don't use bath and body or cleaning products that have chemicals in them. What I love about Crum Creek is that it is a one stop shop. There are plenty of snacks and drinks to chose from and there are also many bath and beauty products. You will find everything from hot cocoa to pasta to bath salts to produce magic cleaner and more! I love that these products are all natural and that they are labeled non-GMO soy. I am more inclined to purchase a product if I know it is not genetically modified. I like to know what I put in my body and the little bodies of my children.

I was sent a few snacks to try for the purpose of this review. I got to try the soy bites breadsticks in two different flavors- superb sesame and remarkable rosemary & garlic. I absolutely love that there are minimal ingredients in these soy bites. There are less than ten things listed and all are things I have heard of- always a plus. I really enjoyed the flavor of the rosemary & garlic, that is just right up my alley. All of my kiddos stole a couple out of that bag as well. They were a super tasty snack. I didn't care much for the sesame bites, but that is just a personal preference. My kids seemed to eat those no problem as well. I would much rather them have a bag of these bites then say- a small bag of chips that is made of so many artificial ingredients it takes up half of the bag to list them. These are also pretty low in calories. 120 per bag for the superb sesame and they are a pretty filling snack. I think these are a great step to healthier snacking and I love that they come in individual packages, so you don't have to guess at the serving size or count them out. They come 10 to a box and come out to be around 80 cents each. Who said healthy snacking HAS to be expensive? I think the soy bites are a great deal!

I was also sent Almond biscuties to try out and I have to say they are fabulous. I found myself indulging in those as often as I got the chance. I hid those from my kids so I didn't have to share, but I ended up giving them one each in the end! They all loved them. I think that these we such a healthy twist on the traditional biscotti. They are made up of almonds and raisins and the spices added game them just the perfect taste. I loved this little sweet. Oh, did I mention they are choc full of iron, calcium ,fiber and protein? And that they contain NO added fat, salt, preservatives or cholesterol? This is a sweet snack I wouldn't at all mind sticking in my children's lunch boxes (once they start school that is!)

I really enjoyed my little taste of Crum Creek. I definitely recommend checking their website out to those who want healthy, but tasty snacks or great bath and body products. Crum Creek was nice enough to offer my readers 15% off your first purchase at their website! Just enter the code "Cristi15" at the purchase menu when prompted! This code is good until August 31, 2012!

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*Disclaimer- I received complimentary products to try for the purpose of putting this review together. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Great review ;) Finding healthy snacks can sometimes be a challenge - I may have to give these a try! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The Rosemary Garlic sound delicious! Thanks for sharing about a healthy snack, I will have to check these out for when I get ready to loose the baby weight!