Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I need in the Bodum glass campaign!

I am LOVING the new Daily Bzz that bzzagent has started. There are several campaigns up for grabs this week that I would LOVE to get into! The Bodum campaign is an especially good one for me. You see, after years of renting my husband, 3 little ones and I are working on buying a house this winter! As a way to not be out a tremendous amount of money all at once, we are slowly upgrading the things in our house, especially the kitchen. I would love to try out the Bodum glasses so I can see how I feel about their products. It is highly possible we will buy more if we live the glasses because they are really pretty and would look great at a new house. Bzzagent- please help us kickstart our journey to having our own, beautiful house!!

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