Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daily Bzz stick blender

Another day, another really awesome daily bzz that I'd LOVE to be chosen to be a part of. The Cuisinart stick blender...I will beg, plead, do whatever it takes to get in on this one!! You see, I have 3 little ones, a 4 year old daughter and identical 2 year old twin sons and them having a healthy start in life is my number one priority and that starts at the dinner table at home. I make the majority of our food from scratch at home so I know exactly what they are consuming. Having a Cuisinart stick blender as a tool in our kitchen would help cut down on prep time for a lot of these foods and that is important too, as I previously mentioned, I have 3 little ones!

There is another really important reason I NEED the stick blender. All of the kids and I have sensitive skin and I have been gathering up materials for a while to make our own health and beauty products. A stick blender is essential to the process of creating lotions, shampoos and the like at home and it is one of the last thingsI need to begin this process.

I know if chosen, I will rave and rave to all of my mama friends who also enjoy cooking for their families and right here on this very blog.

So please, please, pretty PLEASE Bzzagent, pick me today for this campaign! I can't wait to get started in the kitchen with it!

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