Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Madden NFL 12

Other than our precious 3 little ones and maybe his awesome wife (me, of course!), there are 2 things my husband loves more than anything: Football and Video Games. Even better, a game about football. The absolute best, ANY Madden football. According to him, it is the most realistic football game for any game system and he really enjoys playing Madden '10 when he gets a chance. What he would love even more, is the newest addition- Madden 12 for Xbox 360. He has been playing Madden games for as long as he can remember and will continue to for as long he can. Bzzagent, my favorite word of mouth marketing website, has a campaign for Madden about to launch and I would LOVE to tell me husband that we have been selected to give it a try! Fingers Crossed! :)

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