Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pure Madness Chocolate Review

I have been a Bzzagent for around 3 years now. If you haven't heard of Bzzagent, you are missing out. They send you FREE full size products in exchange for your opinion. I have been a part of some very cool campaigns and have fell in love with countless products that I have got to try, but nothing can get me quite as excited as high quality chocolate! When the Pure Madness Campaign was announced I crossed my fingers (and toes) that I would get to try it and was so thrilled when I saw the invite to participate in this campaign! I couldn't wait for my chocolate to arrive!

*Disclosure- I received free products that are mentioned in this blog post. I was not required to write a review and all opinions stated are 100% my own.

When my Bzzkit containing the True Madness Truffles and Smoked Almond Chocolate bar arrived, I had to contain myself and wait for my entire family to be home so everyone could give it a try. I did take a peak in the box and The truffles looked so decadent and pretty. I read the description of the different types of chocolates included. There were your run of the mill milk and dark chocolate and hazelnut and then there were several innovative flavors like rum raisin and chili lime. I thought about which ones I HAD to try and when the whole family was together we opened the box and shared them. They only lasted a few short minutes. My kids got the more traditional flavors to try, my husband had the espresso truffle and we shared the chili lime. It was an interesting confection, unlike any I had tasted before. When you first bite into it, you can taste the fruitiness of the lime, but the chili part does not kick in until after you swallow it. It was a neat and welcome aftertaste! I really enjoyed the rum raisin, that was probably my favorite that I got to try. For the smoky almond milk chocolate bar, we all had a little section of it so we could all give it a taste. It is not your typical almond chocolate bar. The smoked almonds add an entire new depth to the taste of the bar. I loved it. I let it melt in my mouth just so it would last longer!

The Pure Madness chocolate come packaged in gorgeous hot pink and black boxes. This chocolate is made by chocolate lovers for chocolate lovers. I think any chocolate lover would appreciate these chocolates! I definitely plan to buy some truffles as a gift for my chocolate loving in laws for the next gift giving occasion! These chocolates are presented beautifully and would make wonderful gifts!

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