Saturday, March 30, 2013

Book and Beauty Cravebox Review

I am a bookworm. That is probably no secret since I post so many book reviews on this blog! I am also a beauty product junkie, so what could be better than a Cravebox containing both? For those of you that don't know what Cravebox is, it is another subscription box company. The way it is run is a tiny bit different than the other monthly subscription box companies out there. Cravebox has a list of boxes on their website of different themes, how they can be purchased and what they will cost. Depending on what is in the box you are interested in, it can cost anywhere from from $10-$16, shipping included. There are several different purchase options as well. "Instant Boxes" allow you to purchase a box immediately as well as know what the contents of the box are. You can also enter a drawing to be one of the lucky people that gets chosen to receive specific boxes (you choose which drawings you'd like to enter). If you don't want to try your luck at the drawing, there is also an "Guaranteed Box" option to purchase the box now, but for a few more dollars than you might have paid had you have been selected as one of the drawing winners. There are so many options, it's kind of fun to try them all out. I usually stick to the drawings, but I have bought a few instant boxes as well.

Anyway, back to the Book and Beauty box...I was excited that Cravebox was offering another box with a novel. Just the cost of the novel is more than the box, so you definitely get your money's worth. I loved the first Book box they did, the "Book Lover's Box" so I knew I would want to get this box as well.

The novel included in the Book and Beauty Cravebox was Mistress of My Fate by Hallie Rubenhold. I have never heard of the book or the author, but I love a good historical romance, so I was excited to find out that is exactly what this book is and that it is the first in a series of books. This is a nice hard bound and also has a gorgeous cover! I haven't read much of it yet, but it seems like it will be a really nice read.

Now, on to the beauty products. I was perplexed that this box didn't contain bubble bath. I mean, when I think of a good book, I think of relaxing in a nice bubble bath or some other bath time goodie of some sort. The items that were included were great though. There were several Biore product samples and a full size tub Vaseline Total Moisture lotion. The lotion is really great and leaves my hands feeling soft and pampered and definitely not dry. I was glad it was included in the box since I had never tried it before and probably wouldn't have thought to. That is the beauty behind a subscription box, you can definitely fall in love with a product you never would have thought to buy in the first place! There was also a full size bottle of John Frieda Full Repair Hydrate + Rescue Conditioner. This is a a $9 product, so I would say this box more than paid for itself.

I really liked this box and hope for more Book boxes from Cravebox in the future! The Book and Beauty Cravebox is now and instant box so you can purchase it right now if you are interested! You can also check out other current and upcoming box themes! If you happen to buy a box, please consider saying CristiMarashi (my username) referred you when you create your profile at the website! I'd really appreciate it, as it could get me free boxes in the future. Then, make sure to tell all of your friends about Cravebox and have them say you referred them!

For more information about Cravebox, head over to the Cravebox Website!

*Disclosure- I did not receive anything in exchange for this post. I just really like this service and wanted to share it with my readers!

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