Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Playtex Secrets Bra Review

I get fitted for bras at least twice a year, so you would think that I have perfect fitting bras all of the time. Not so. At my last fitting, I was told I would fit in either 36C OR is that even possible? For the record, I feel most comfortable in 36D, so I think that even if you have had a bra fitting, it's best to try on several sizes near to whatever size you've been told.

I typically buy my bras at Victoria's Secret or other specialty shops because I just haven't had good luck with bras and thought that is surely where I would get the bra with the best fit. When Bzzagent offered me the opportunity to try a bra from Playtex's new line of bras, Playtex's Secret, I JUMPED at it. I wanted to see if this bra could outdo the bras I have been spending a fortune on the last few years.

As you can see in the picture to the left, I received a bra in the nude color tone. The straps are wider than an average bra making them more comfortable and more likely to stay in place. I have a terrible time with bra straps falling all day long, no matter what size bra I am wearing, no matter what brand of bra it is and no matter where I adjust the straps to. I have been wearing the Playtex Secrets bra for three days now and the straps HAVEN'T fallen down AT ALL! The Playtex Secret's bra use a techonology they call "truSupport" a 4-way support system:

  • Frame- Higher sides for a secure coverage and support
  • Straps- Comfortable straps help reduce bounce and prevent digging
  • Cups- Rounder, accommodating cups mean less spillage and proper hold for a natural shape
  • back- wider, smooth backs for stability without ride-up
Overall, I found that the truSupport system was true to it's word. The cups give nice support and a great shape and after nursing three babies, I am glad to finally find a bra that gives me the little lift I need. The only issue I had with this bra is that the band digs into my back just a tiny bit, but it is still the most comfortable bra I have had in years. I plan to go get several more in other colors. These full figure bras are available at Kohls in sizes 36B-44DD and happen to be on sale right now for $20.99!

*Disclosure- I received one or the above mentioned products free from Bzzagent & Playtex. All opinions stated are 100% my own. 

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