Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook by Melissa Costello Book Review

At the beginning of the summer, I challenged myself to go meatless for the month of June. What ended up happening is that I became a full time vegetarian. Well, I come from a meat loving family and my in laws are Persian, who eat pretty much mostly meat and rice, so at the few times we have been at their houses, I have eaten meat, but 98% of the time for the last five months, I have been eating a plant based diet. I LOVE variety in what I eat and I also enjoy being in the kitchen, so I am always looking for new recipes and cookbooks to try out. I have been very interested in adding more vegan recipes to the mix, but I am a little hesitant on recipes that rely too heavily on soy. I was super stoked to find the The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook by Melissa Costello. The first thing that drew me to it, was that the foreward was written by Tony Horton, founder of P90X, whom Costello is personal chef for. If you know who Tony Horton is, you know he is all about health and is very fit. If you don't know who he is, I suggest you look him up, but I will warn that P90X is not for the faint of heart. It takes some real dedication! I was also very excited to see that while skimming the cookbook that Costello only uses soy protein here and there and still offers many, many delicious vegan meals in Karma Chow.

The first recipe I tried, the banana chocolate chip mini muffins, has become a favorite recipe in our house. It also lead me to learn that I really like oat flour as a substitute for white or wheat flour, which is would have baked with. I have used oat flour several times since and it's now a staple in my pantry. My family also really enjoyed Spaghetti & "Meat"balls and the vegetarian meatloaf. The only thing we weren't a fan of was the quinoa brekkie bowl, but I think we just all have a personal preference for savory quinoa as opposed to a sweet breakfast quinoa.

There are so many other recipes I can not wait to try from The Ultimate Karma Chow Cookbook. I will definitely be buying a paper copy to add to my recipe book collection. I would recommend this book to any new vegetarian or vegan or even someone who eats meat who would like to add more meatless meals to their meal plan. You will not be disappointed with this delicous recipes.

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*Disclosure- I was provided an ARC courtesy of NetGalley for the purpose of putting together this review. I was not required to render a positive review and all opionions are 100% my own.

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