Monday, November 5, 2012

Hospital for Special Surgery

My husband and I got married in 2006, had our first baby in 2007 and added twin boys in 2009. I think the second you become a parent you are almost constantly concerned with their health and their physical well being. We have had some close calls with falls that could have ended up with broken bones, but we have always been lucky that our kids have fallen down just right to avoid a serious injury.

All 3 of our kids had some growth issues with their heads as infants. Our daughter in particular had a strange bump appear on the back of her head. We were not sure what to think about it. She was around 6 months old at the time and as a first time mother I can tell you every little thought possible went through my head, that she could have some kind of fluid or even a tumor. Once again, we were blessed that this problem corrected itself before we ever had to seek treatment for it. (We were awaiting an appointment with a specialist when it disappeared on it's own.)

I know in a few years, my kids will most likley start playing sports and I know the injury risks that come with that. When it comes to our kids' physical well being, it is comforting to have The Hospital For Special Surgery which specializes in orthopedics, rheumatology and rehabilitation there to help them get through these bumps in the road in their young lives.

I think when it comes to choosing medical care for our children, especially where surgery or rehabilitation is concerned, the best way to being that journey is to talk to other parents who have already been there. I also think that researching the hospital or facility you are interested in is vital. The Hospital for Special Surgery is a world leader in  orthopedics, rheumatology and rehabilitation staffed by experts in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. HSS is located in New York and has also just opened CA Technologies Rehabilitation Center at the Children's Pavilion providing comprehensive, individualized care for both inpatients and outpatiens from birth to 21 years of age.

When you need specialized care, look to the professionals at The Hospital for Special Surgery.

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Disclosure- I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Hospital for Special Surgery. A small donation to a charity of my choice was made in my name as a thank you for participating. You should consult with your physician or other health care provider before beginning any rehabilitation/therapy, sports training, or exercise program.

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