Sunday, September 15, 2013

Viva Labs Social Media Launch & Essential Prize Pack Giveaway

 Something I am super passionate about is health and wellness. I believe that we need to be selective about what we put into our bodies to make sure that we are taking the best possible care of ourselves. Something that I do and recommend others do as well, is supplement where I am lacking. Not all supplements are created equal. Some are so full of synthetic ingredients that there really is no point to taking them. You want to make sure what you are getting are high quality, all natural supplements.

Viva Labs was founded in 2011 by a team of doctors, homeopaths and nutritionists, so you can be confident that what you are getting in these supplements is of the highest quality. The team at Viva Labs wants optimal health to be available to everyone, so they have worked hard to make their products as affordable as possible. These holistic supplements are FDA approved and go through rigorous testing to verify purity, quality and full potency.

In celebration of recently launching their social media pages, Viva Labs wants to offer one of my readers an Essential Prize Pack that includes several of their products. The prize pack will include a full sized bottles of our Krill Oil, Astaxanthin, and Optimal Greens.

Krill Oil- is an omega-3 supplement with maximum absorptive capacity. Krill oil supports heart, brain, skin, hormone, eye and nervous system health. One of the greatest things about this supplement is that it doesn't have the fishy aftertaste that pretty much every other fish oil does. It is sustainable, sourced from the Antarctic and free of toxins, heavy metals and PCBs making it a great choice for our health.

Astaxanthin- Is a powerful carotenoid and antioxidant. It promotes healthy, radiant skin, healthy eyesight and supports faster post-workout recovery. It is nearly 600 times more potent than vitamin E as an antioxidant!! 

Optimal Greens- Viva Labs proprietary blend of micro-greens, sea vegetables, antioxidants and probiotics can be added to water, juice or smoothies. This is an easy and delicious way for you to add a dose of greens to your diet for overall health.

Enter via the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this amazing prize pack below! 

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  1. I take probiotics, omega 3s, a multi vitamin, & fiber supplements. ~Raine~ buzzyngabe(at)

  2. At the moment the only supplement I use is a Multivitamin