Monday, September 23, 2013

Escape Monthly Review (Oregon Escape)

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I. LOVED. THIS. BOX! The only thing that could have made it better was if I had won the escape to Oregon. I love that pretty much every item in the box was a local product from Oregon and that the box was packed so full, I had a hard time getting everything in the picture to the left.

Here is what was in the box:

Moon Oregon Travel Guide- I am hoping that since there was a Moon Travel Guide in the last box for Napa that this will be a continuing trend in the box. I definitely have Oregon on my radar for a getaway, so it is nice to receive a travel guide for future use to help plan that trip. I liked getting the Napa Guide last month too because it helped me learn about a place I might not have seeked out learning about on my own. $21.99 retail value

Doug's Nuts- These were SO good. I have ever intention of ordering more. My kids asked me for these for days after we ran out and we all enjoyed them while they were here. $5.95 retail value

Metolius Tea and Apothecary- This tea comes in such a beautiful little tin. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like an interesting blend. $10.00 retail value

Molly Muriel Volcanic Bliss- This bar of soap is pretty awesome! One of my favorite items in this box. I will definitely be searching for Molly Muriel when I have the opportunity to travel to Portland. $6.00 retail value

Oregon Orchard- Okay, this was hands down my favorite item. It was also my kids' favorite item so I only got to eat a couple. These were chocolate cherry covered hazelnuts. They were so delicious. I can't wait to try more varieties of these delicious hazelnuts. retail value $3.29

Oregon Rain Soap- Portland Rain Lotion-  I have been using this lotion like it's going out of style. It smells so wonderful. Every time I wear it, I get compliments on how great I smell. This is a true winner. Smells like the famous roses of Oregon. I love that this lotion is free of nasty chemicals, goes on super smooth, feels great and smells awesome. This is another company I will absolutely seek out while in Oregon, maybe before then. retail value $8.99

Portland Bee Balm- this is a nice little beeswax lip balm. Nothing out of the ordinary, but you can never have too much chapstick. I like the little kick the peppermint oil adds to it. $2.75 retail value

Primitive Lights Beeswax Cinnamon Roll Votive- This cute little candle truly smells like a cinnamon roll, I love that it is made out of sustainable beeswax. $4.00 retail value

Grounds for Change- I am not a coffee drinker, but I was ecstatic to see this bag of coffee beans included because my husband is a coffee addict and it meant I had something to share with that would be all his own. He is excited to try this coffee when he runs out of his current coffee. And to keep with the recurring theme of this box and the spirit of Oregon in general, this coffee is fair trade and they donate 1% of sales to charities that support the environment. $10.45 retail value

Bonus item- Wooden Pumice Brush- this was a nice little extra. Another item that I will give to my husband since he works on his feet all day, he needs items like this. $5.99 retail value

Total retail value- almost $75!

As you can see, this box was packed full of wonderful things reminicint of a trip to Oregon. I enjoyed my little Escape and I am so excited that next month's escape is to Hawaii! Crossing my fingers to win that trip next month!!

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