Thursday, January 17, 2013

Resolutions Cravebox Review + Giveaway

As January rolls around, many of us reflect on the past year and think of ways we could improve our well being. Some of us even have New Year's Resolutions that we try to abide by to better ourselves. The first box of the year offered from Cravebox was a Resolutions themed box. And it was full of healthy goodness. I was super impressed and enjoyed most everything in it. Here is the run down of what was included in the box-

  • A sample of Celestial Seasonings Metobalance Tea + a coupon
  • a 12oz can of both A&W root beer and 7UP that are only 10 calories each!
  • a chip clip and a coupon good for a free package of Wholly Guacamole (bonus points: this is a local company to me, based out of Ft. Worth, TX and I love supporting local businesses)
  • 2 coupons for Smart Ones frozen entrees
  • a sampler of CocoaVia drink powders
  • A deluxe sized sample of Pantene Mousse
  • Mary Kay Timewise Repair Eye Cream
  • Perfectly Simple  by Zone Perfect bar
  • Several bars of  SunRype Fruit and Fruit & Grain Bars
My absolute favorite thing out of this box were the SunRype bars. They tasted almost like a thick fruit roll up, but without all of the icky ingredients I would never allow my kids to consume. These bars are made of fruit and they are super tasty. I was kind of bummed I only got to eat one because my kiddos claimed the rest. We will definitely be buying them again in the near future.

I tried the A&W and 7UP 10. We normally aren't huge soda drinkers, but I wanted to compare the difference for this review. The root beer tasted identical to traditional root beer, but I felt like the 7UP was extra sweet.

We love the Wholly company, so I was excited to see a coupon for free guac in this box. My husband and one of my boys eat avocado and guacamole like it's going out of style! I am not a guac fan, but I do love Wholly Salsa. The representative's for this company are often at my local Costco and you couldn't come across nicer people. Their products are awesome because they are comprised of all natural ingredients. I highly recommend Wholly Guacamole and  Wholly Salsa!

I was super excited to see CocoaVia samples in the Resolutions Cravebox because I have been wanting to try it for a while! I have  not got around to it just yet, but I really can't wait!!

Cravebox is a subscription box company that is run a little differently. For each box that they come out with, they will announce the theme and a drawing. If you are interested in the theme of the box, you can enter the drawing and then Cravebox randomly selects people to receive the box. There are some great themes coming up including a Book Lover's Box, A New Mom's box, a Little Ones box and there are currently two boxes that are open for entry- the Zatarain's Big Game Cravebox and the Cooking Light Cravebox. You can enter as many or as few drawings as you want. If you decide to enter a drawing, please tell Cravebox CristiMarashi (that my Cravebox user name) sent you, they have a great referral program as well!

There were a few things in the box that I can't use that I know other people would love, so I wanted to share a chance with my awesome readers to win some awesome Resolutions Cravebox goodies! 1 lucky winner will receive the 2 free coupons for Smart Ones AND the Mary Kay Timewise Eye Repair! Enter via the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!! Good luck.

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  1. I loved the fruit bars as well as the eye cream!

  2. I am super excited for the supersized Zatarain's Box on it's way!

  3. a new book lovers!!! the last one was awesome

  4. the SunRype Fruit and Fruit & Grain Bars sound delicious

  5. The cooking light cravebox series looks great.

  6. You have me wanting to try the SunRype fruit bars, but I love all eye creams too!

  7. Can't wait for the upcoming Cooking Light boxes!

  8. one more day.... maybe i can get lucky!!

  9. Congrats on winning your 2 more boxes! :)