Monday, October 1, 2012

September KLUTCHclub Review

I always look forward to getting a KLUTCHclub box in the mail. It is always packed full of so many awesome goodies and I love the that they are geared toward health and wellness. For September's box, they veered more on the wellness side of things with a spa theme. My favorite thing abotu KLUTCHclub that you don't get in other subscription boxes is that they tell you every single item you will be getting for the month before the box ships! I saw right away that Dream Water was going to be one of the items and I knew I would need this box because I have been wanting to try that and there were several other things in the box that I was interested in as well!

Soothing Music CD from Sequoia Records

Zenify Drink

Natural Vitality's Natural Calm Magnesium Powder

Dream Water Sleep Aid & Natural Relaxer. WORKS

Cremo Company's Women's shaving crea,

E-boost natural energy drink powder

Taylor's of Harrogate Tea

EcoTrak Fitness Whole Food Bar. Umm, I think I
could eat one of these every day. YUM!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lip Gloss in Winterberry

Anatomy Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask

$50 gift card to

There was also a $50 gift card to, but there were so many things in this box, I somehow managed to miss getting a picture of it!

As you can see from even just the 2 gift cards, this box is worth WELL over the actual $16 you pay for it. The very cool thing about KLUTCHclub is that the boxes are consistently worth over $100 and there is usually a good amount of full sized products. I always find at least a few new things that I love in my KLUTCHclub box!

Since today is October 1, a new box is available and it looks ridiculously awesome. The theme for this month's box is "Surviving the Holidays" and looks like another home run! If you are not a KLUTCHclub member yet, you are truly missing out! You can choose to buy your boxes 1 month at a time for $18 per month, buy a subscription for 3 months for $17 per month or join for a year's worth of boxes for $16 per month!

If you are a guy reading this thinking "okay, but some of this stuff is kinda girlie!" Good news! Last month KLUTCHclub introduced a KLUTCHclub Man box, designed specifically with you in mind!

Head on over the KLUTCHclub today and start receiving your boxes, always filled to the top, always with new, great products to try!

Disclaimer- I was not compensated in any way for this review nor did I receive any free products. All opinions stated are 100% my own.

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