Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Lovers Limited Edition Cravebox Review

When Cravebox first mentioned that they would be doing limited edition boxes, I really hoped that they would do a box that somehow involved a novel! I was so happy to see recently that there was going to be a book lover's box and I was ecstatic to discover that I would be one of the lucky ones to receive one. I was unsure of what they might include in the box, even though they post hints for the boxes on both Twitter and Facebook where I follow them, so this one was definitely a complete surprise to me! The novel included was How I Came to Sparkle by Kaya McLaren. I have never heard of the book or the author, but the cover and the plot synopsis definitely intrigued me. I have already read a little bit of it and it seems like a really good, albeit kind of heart wrenching story. Of course, the book retails for $13.73 (on so already the box is worth more than the cost ($11 in this case)

There were a few other things included in the box- A bag Crum Creek's soy nut trail mix, a full size bag of Natural Vine's red licorice- which I MUST say is the BEST licorice I have ever tasted and I am usually not a fan. The taste was just so sweet yet tangy and I love that it has all natural ingredients! My kids enjoyed them with me. My poor husband, who is the biggest licorice fan in the house, did not get a single one, they were gone by the time he got home, something that often happens when you have 3 kids and one bag of treats! haha! There was also a neat bracelet included in the bag. The point of the bracelet  which has the word gratitude spelled out on it in beads, is that each day you take the time to be greatful for 10 things. I think it is an awesome idea. Another cool thing is that they suggest you use the packaging for a bookmark, which has come in handy to keep my place in How I Came to Sparkle Again!

I think this was a great box overall. I would love to see Cravebox include more book lovers boxes in the future!

*Disclaimer- I was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions stated are 100% my own. 

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