Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August KLUTCHclub Review

 I am excited to once again be reviewing a KLUTCHclub box for you all. If you missed my last review KLUTCHclub is a subscription box that focuses on health & fitness. You can check out my first KLUTCHclub review here! Today, I will be reviewing the August box, packed full of goodies that do not disappoint! KLUTCHclub subscriptions are as low as $16 a month if you subscribe for the 3 month option or at most $18 if you opt for just one month at a time. And men should be excited as well, as KLUTCHclub just started offering a KLUTCHmen box!

Back to August's KLUTCHclub box. As you can see above, it was packed full of goodies! My favorites were definitely the year's worth of premium subscription to iBodyfit.com and the twistband. I am pretty sure I have never been so excited about a ponytail holder in all of my life!

My kids made me share the popcorner's. We enjoyed them. They were a nice snack, a cross between a crispy chip and popcorn. We are always looking for healthier snack options so I love that something like this was included in the box. It was empty rather quickly!

You can not really go wrong with granola. Once again, I shared with my kids!

Biopharma nanogreens & nanolean. These are powdered supplements you add to water. Included were a few of each- The nanogreens are a fruit and vegetable superfood supplement and the nanolean is for wieght magnagment. Both taste pretty great!

I really wanted to like Alo- this drink of aloe vera. It is very good for you! I just couldn't get into it. However, my 3 year old twin boys drank this like it was the best drink they ever had!

 The GoSport Id is a really cool concept. The idea is that you may not always carry i.d. on you while you work out, this way you can have your name and an emergency phone number engraved in case anything were to happen. As a bonus, you can add words to motivate you on your i.d. band as well.
The twist band is probably one of the coolest inventions ever! This is a pony tail hold that will not leave creases AND stays in your hair, even through vigorous work outs. It is super comfortable as well. I plan to get several more of these

Tieks look super comfortable, but even with this $50 gift card, they are out of my price range I wish they weren't and appreciate the discount offered anyway!

I was really excited to see that a year's worth of membership to a fitness website was included in this box. I find the ibodyfit website a little hard to navigate, but I know I will be getting much use out of it. There are several trainers and exercises to pick from and I know I will utilize each one of them!

For some reason, I didn't get a picture of the Japan Gold Seaweed Salad. It was kind of cool in the respect that it seemed like astronaut food to me! You open the package, which is dried seaweed and cover it in water and 5 minutes later voila! You have a seaweed salad. For me, the taste was WAY too strong, but then I have never liked Japanese food, so it isn't much of a surprise to me. I bet many people would really dig the seaweed salad!

I thought this box was worth it just for the twist band and ibodyfit membership, the other products were a bonus. There were a few misses for me, but I think that is the cool thing about subscription boxes, if you don't think you will like something, pass it on...you have several other things to try out anyway! I thought overall this was a pretty good box and I am always excited to see what KLUTCHclub will offer next! If you would like sneak peak check out the September Box

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*Disclaimer- I received a KLUTCHclub box for the purpose of rendering this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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