Wednesday, August 15, 2012

$40 worth of nail product for ONE PENNY!

I haven't written a review on a beauty products in a while and I love them so much that I have to make it a point to do so now. I have already written about Julep and their Maven program several times on this blog. It is another subscription box, but the cool thing about the Julep Maven program is that it gives you lots of options. This box is full of nail polishes and other products for your mani/pedi needs. They send you a preview email of what the polishes and products are going to be sent out each month and you can choose whether or not you want to skip the month or even gift your box to a friend. I like that you have the option to skip a month, as far as I know Julep is the only subscription box out there that gives you that option. There are also several boxes to choose from. When you first sign up, you take a quiz and the result will tell you what box they think you will like and that is what you will be subscribed to, but you have the option to switch which box you get which is really cool because each box is usually really different from the rest. Another really awesome thing about being a Julep Maven is that you get 20% off at the website and free shipping if you want to buy products outside of the boxes. And if that all wasn't enough the Julep Maven subscription box is unique is that you get rewarded when you refer your friends. If just 3 of your friends sign up to get the Maven box, you get a free Maven box! And there is no limitation on how many friends you can invite, so you could get plenty of free boxes! And they are always new colors which I think is super cool. I loved last months metallics. I got a beautiful pearly white that I am just so in love with and a pretty minty green, along with Julep's polish remove (the best remover I have ever used.) I can't wait to see what is in store for September!

If you are not yet a Julep Maven and want to try it, but don't want to sink money into something you are unsure about- they offer new Maven's their first box for just ONE PENNY! That's right, one cent! Just enter the code COLOR2012 at checkout. If you end up not liking the program, you can cancel at anytime. Join Julep Maven for One Penny!


  1. I want to do this but I have so much polish already! Such a fun obsession!

    1. You DO have a lot of polish! haha It is a lot of fun!

  2. We love polish at our house and havent tried this brand yet. Thanks for the review! :)