Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cravebox Review + Giveaway

One of my favorite ways to try new things is by winning them and one of my favorite ways to win things is by attending twitter parties. Last December, I won one of my favorite things so far, a Cravebox!

You may be thinking, what is a Cravebox? It is a specialty box designed exclusively for members and each box is filled with various products. Each month you will receive 5-6 products in your box for $10

After I won my box in December and fell in love with the program, I got my name on the waiting list (yes, it's so awesome there is a waiting list!) I was lucky to be able to get into this program while it is still in beta mode. A full launch is tentatively set for April.

On to my February Cravebox!

When you first open the box, it looks like this:

Then there will be a note inside detailing all of the products you have received for the month.

This month's theme was "Date Night" and here is what was included:

Downy wrinkle release- travel size

2 Think thin bars

3 packets of orange E-boost

6 Bic Mark-it permanent markers

1 oz Amore Pacific treatment cleansing foam

1 oz Amore Pacific moisture bound skin energy hydration delivery system

I was pleased with all of the products in this box. As usual, the value of the products well exceeds the $10 you pay to receive it. I loved the think thin bars. They are great as a replacement for a light meal or even for a tasty  recovery snack after working out! Really, they are even good as a snack that will keep you full for a while. The E-boost has a great orange flavor and who couldn't use a little more energy? I have already used the wrinkle release several times. It works just as well as ironing and is so much quicker! The bic markers came in some really pretty colors. As someone who enjoys crafts, I look forward to using them! I love that Cravebox let's me try new beauty products, I am very please with the Amore Pacific products. It is so much fun to get a little luxury in your mail once a month!

I wanted to share a little taste of my Cravebox with you guys. So I am giving away 1 packet of e-boost and the Amore Pacific Cleansing foam for one lucky reader to win. As a bonus, I am also going to send the winner a FULL SIZE Mereadesso face + neck toning gel from the January Cravebox! Enter to win with the Rafflecopter form below!

**You MUST be a follower of this blog to claim any prizes.

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  1. My 5 dream items would be a pretty smelling perfume, a great face moisturizer, an awesome mascara, a beautiful nail polish(zoya of course!), and finish it off with some pretty lip gloss!

  2. What a great win! I love twitter for its parties :) Congrats!

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  4. This is such a great it to have a box filled with different products to try! If I could create my own they would be nail polish, a face mask, some foundation, perfume, and a healthy bar to eat!

  5. @kim- Sounds like a great box to me. I have already suggested a make up theme box myself and of course told them they should include a zoya polish. :)

    @Mammynatty- Thanks, it's one of my favorite recent wins! So glad to have discovered Cravebox!

    @Jennifer- great ideas! You should try the think thin bars, they are pretty tasty!! :)

  6. I LOVE Cravebox!! So glad I was able to jump on board when I did!!

  7. This was a nice box but I loved jan more

  8. I am honestly still on the fence about cravebox - $10 is certainly an awesome price for the contents, but not sure I need the contents more than the $10 spending money

  9. Larabars, perfume, an eye shadow quad, a face mask, and a crazy-flavored protein powder!