Thursday, May 21, 2015

BriaUSA Heart Shaped Velvet Coat Hangers (Set of 10)

*Disclosure of material connection- I received one or more of the product(s) mentioned below in exchanged for my honest thoughts. All opinions stated are 100% my own.

I have never given a lot of thought to my hangers. They serve a function and that is to keep my closet neatly organized and my clothes off of the floor. When I saw the BriaUSA hangers, it was love at first sight! They are a vibrant, deep purple...which just happens to be my favorite color...and also my bathroom's color scheme. My closet is inside of my bathroom, so it is fun to have the hangers match the d├ęcor! I love how feminine they are with the heart shape and velvet look. Beyond being adorable, these hangers are also quite functional. They are skinny so they are space saving as you can see here-

As you can see, BriaUSA hangers are more
attractive and sturdy than regular wire hangers
I decided to hang my dresses up on these hangers because I thought the velvet would help hold them in place and nothing would slip off of the hangers and on to the floor. I also love that the hooks swivel. I like a uniform closet and if I accidentally hung up something the opposite way of the rest, it is nice to just be able to turn it around instead of having to take it off the hanger completely and turn it around. I think my dresses look lovely on the BriaUSA hangers, but they would work for any type of clothing. 

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