Thursday, October 30, 2014

Banfi Chianti Wines + Crazy for Chianti Contest

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A little over a year ago, I started attending a book club full of people I had never met. I am not exactly a social butterfly (at least not with a bunch of people I don't know) and everyone that attended was drinking red wine. At the time I was a huge white wine fan, but didn't have much experience with reds. Since that is what we had, that is what I drank. The same thing happened at the meetings each month and soon I was preferring reds over whites. I almost can not drink white anymore because they are too sweet! haha. Now I like to try new red wines and tell the ladies in the book club all about them, or better yet, bring a bottle with me on meeting nights.

Anyway, I was very excited to try a trio of Banfi's Chianti wines. I did not previously have a ton of experience with Chianti so I tried it the way I like to try new things, in a recipe. I found this great recipe for zucchini lasagna, using the zucchini as the pasta and it called for red wine. I thought what better way to try the Bolla Chianti. The lasagna was amazing! The combination of the ingredients, especially the zucchini and the wine brought it all together. I also had a glass of the Bolla Chianti with dinner. It was a little bolder then what I would normally have, but I enjoyed it.

Another way you can enjoy your Chianti is to pair it with a gourmet grilled cheese. My favorite way to up my grilled cheese game is to make a tomato basil grilled cheese. It has kind of an Italian flare, perfect for pairing with Banfi Calssico and easy to assemble. I like to use honey wheat bread, provolone cheese, fresh basil and slices of tomato. I like mine dry, but it would also add a new level of flavor if you added some pesto or even some mayo to the bread. What a great pair!

Think you have what it takes to make the perfect grilled cheese and Chianti combo? Try your luck by building a virtual grilled cheese. The winner will win $2500. The contest ends October 31!

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