Monday, July 21, 2014

Escape Monthly July/India box review

There is probably nothing I love more than traveling when I can. I think it is so much fun to explore new places and explore new cultures. I do not get to travel as often as I would like or go to all of the places on my travel bucket list, so when I heard about Escape Monthly I was ecstatic! Escape Monthly is a subscription box. Each month they pick a new destination, gather cool items from the destination, jam pack a box with said items and ship them to your doorstep. The coolest thing about it is that each month, one lucky subscriber wins a trip to wherever the destination is! Past escapes have included: Napa Valley, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Colorado and Ireland. July's escape was to India and so far it was my favorite!

There were tons of great items in the India box. In addition to the travel book about the Taj Mahal and surrounding areas, my absolute favorite thing included was a bottle of Amber perfume oil. It smells fantastic. I have been wearing it daily.  There was a small bottle of gee included which I promptly used to enhance the rice I was cooking in the rice cooker that night. You know if the family eats all of their brown rice (at least in my white rice loving house) that whatever was used to cook it must have been some good stuff! Madras curry and Korma curry were also in the box. I used the Korma for some chicken the same night as I used the ghee. It was okay as far as taste goes (Indian food is supposed to have a bit of spice kick to it, and this korma fell short in that department), but I was glad to see that Saffron Road (the company that makes it) is GMO free. That is enough to prompt me to buy it again and add my own spices and to try other Saffron Road products. Another really cool thing included in this box was the Masala Pop Chai Masala Popcorn. It is a unique twist on popcorn with authentic Indian flavors. The cardamom gave it a wonderful taste. The kids and I absolutely loved it. As with every Escape Monthly box, there were a couple of bath and body products included. There was a sample of Banyan Botanical's Neem & Aloe soap and Healthy Hair Oil from the same company. I am really excited to use the hair oil because I know it will make hair look shinier and healthier. Last but not least, for a bonus item Escape Monthly through in some cute Bindi decals for the forehead. These are a tradition in India said to represent one's wisdom. They also look really cute! Although it had nothing to do with India and wasn't listed in the brochure as one of the items, they also through in a Juice Beauty hand cream! It was a nice extra bonus!

There wasn't a thing in this box that I didn't like. That makes me even more excited for next month's escape. THE ONE I have been waiting for- PARIS!! If you are not already receiving these boxes, this is the month to sign up! Boxes will ship mid-month and I will be counting down the days and crossing my fingers to be the lucky one to win the trip to Paris! If you are a new member, you can get 20% off of your subscription by entering the code PARISESCAPE at checkout!

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