Sunday, June 29, 2014

Clean in 14 Detox by Melissa Costello (Book Review)

Disclosure of material connection- I received a copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions stated are 100% my own.
About the book-

P90X creator Tony Horton, the Old Spice Man, and hundreds of others lost weight, boosted their immunity,and increased their energy levels—undeniable proof thatThe Clean in 14 Detox really works!
Millions of people are embracing cleansing because it rids the body of accumulated slow poisons that cause a sluggish metabolism, inflammatory and digestive issues, a host of chronic diseases, and unwanted weight gain.
The Clean in 14 Detox is a whole foods, vegan- and juice-based cleanse that not only flushes the body of toxins, but frees the mind of negative patterns, allowing the entire system to reset itself to a place of balance.

From leading successful group and private cleanses,Melissa Costello pulls no punches: She explains that the key to kick-starting health is to eliminate the CRAP (Caffeine, Refined Sugars, Alcohol, Processed Food) and the SAP (Sabotaging Addictive Patterns). Costello encourages readers to make the commitment, teaches them how to prep their minds and kitchens, and shares practical tips to succeed through the program with minimal withdrawals or cravings. The best part of this cleanse is that it’s user friendly and the participant will never feel deprived, unlike most other cleanses out there. A wide variety of delicious, unprocessed foods are allowed and there are no diet pills or chalky shakes. The Clean in 14 Detox features 14 days of mix-and-match meal plans and more than 75 irresistibly fresh and simple recipes, including Baja-style fajitas,chopped salad with creamy pepita dressing, coconut yam soup, oven-baked sweet potato fries, and more.

My thoughts-
I have Melissa Costello's cookbook Karma Chow in my pantry and it is definitely my go-to cookbook for vegan fare. I like to eat predominately vegetarian, but the rest of my family are meat eaters and still they will eat most things that I make from Karma Chow. I knew that I would have to check out the Clean in 14 Detox because I knew already that Costello has some home run recipes and if trainers like Tony Horton get in shape on her meal plans, then it is definitely worth a shot. There are great recipes in Clean in 14, but I knew that would be the case before I opened the book. What really set apart this book from other weight loss and detox books is that it is an overall approach to getting healthy. One of the things included in this book that I really liked is a journaling aspect. There have been countless books telling us to journal what we eat, but this book tells us to journal about how we feel. There are morning and evening journaling exercises to complete that allow you to let go of some emotions you might otherwise be holding on to and the act of writing them down is helpful in allowing thoughts to tumble out of your head and onto paper. That simple act is quite helpful for mental health. Another aspect of this book that helps with mental health is doing a bit of meditation. You can eat healthy and exercise, but if your too stressed out, you may still be holding yourself back. There are recipes included to guide you through the 14 days. Melissa Costello provides all of the tools necessary to complete this detox and begin your rode to a better you. Even if you are not into eating vegan, these recipes will be doable. It is only two weeks, give it a try and see how you feel. You might find that you actually want to eat less meat after seeing how good it will make you feel giving it up for a short amount of time. I recommend this book to anyone looking to jump start good, healthy habits. 
About the author-
Melissa Costello (Santa Barabara, CA) is the founder of Karma Chow and the personal chef to celebrity fitness guru Tony Horton, creator of the highly popular fitness system, P90X®. A certified nutritionist and wellness coach, Costello is constantly finding creative ways to keep Tony and her many other clients happy, fit, and healthy through a whole foods, plant-based way of life. She works one-on-one with clients and leadsfood-based cleanses with large groups, teaching how to implement changes that will yield a lifetime of great health.

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