Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Between Heaven and Earth by Steve Berger (Book Review)

Disclosure of material connection- I was provided a copy of the book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest thought. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions stated are 100% own.

About the book-

It's not easy separating fact from fiction when it comes to heaven, nor is it always easy to see how the afterlife can affect our lives today. After a car accident caused his nineteen-year-old son to unexpectedly enter heaven. Pastor Steve Berger chose to reject despair and commit himself to carefully studying his son's new, eternal home. He had no idea how much there was to learn, and his life hasn't been the same since. The biblical and deeply personal study of heaven will give you hope for the future.

But more than that, it will show you what it means to live today in light of the reality of heaven. If your view of heaven isn't life-changing, it needs to be adjusted. Let Pastor Berger's exploration of eternity fill you with overflowing hope, courage, and purpose.

My thoughts-

I am not sure exactly what it was I expected from this book. Of course, any book about a place as lovely and as equally mysterious as Heaven, I fully expected to be encouraged. To have that hope that all Christians have magnified and renewed. But there was something I wanted that I just didn't find in these words. Steve Berger definitely has a passion for sharing the hope of heaven and living for heaven and not for Earth. There are great examples from the Bible throughout these pages of people who longed for heaven, people we should try to be more like in that regard. Heaven is a mystery, so whatever it was I was hoping to find would have probably been impossible to reach. There were parts in the book that I found especially encouraging. Chapter four has 2 charts, one lists the things that we are promised in the Bible that are not going to be in heaven, along with their corresponding Bible verses and even more enthralling, there is a chart that reminds of us all that WILL be in Heaven that we can look forward to. I also enjoyed the very next chapter that highlights the verses in Revelation in which John describes what heaven will look like. There is no way we can imagine what heaven will be like because it will be better than anything we can fathom, but it is interesting to have even the smallest inkling of what it would like.

Although I didn't find exactly what it was I thought I would in this book, I found it to be encouraging. We as Christians probably do not think of heaven as often as we should. I think if we thought of where we were headed more often, we would probably be more joyful, more apt to share our joy and hope with others who aren't on the same journey with us and more likely to just be better people over all. Between Heaven and Earth is filled with wonderful verses and great reminders of what an awesome God we serve and that this Earth is just a temporary home and there is something much better right around the corner. Who wouldn't want to read a book that reminds them of such important and wonderful things? I would recommend this book to any Christian or someone who is curious about the Christian faith and/or heaven.

About the author-

Steve Berger is the senior pastor to more than four thousand people at Grace Chapel, Leipers Fork, Tennessee. Steve is also a part of the teaching faculty for the National Worship Leader Conference and regularly contributes to several publications. Steve and his wife, Sarah, live in Franklin, Tennessee, with three of their children, Heather, Cody, and Destiny.

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