Monday, November 18, 2013

GattiTown Frisco Review

*Disclosure- My family and I were treated to a complimentary trip to GattiTown in exchange for our honest feedback. All opinions stated are 100% my own.

Our whole family was excited for our trip to GattiTown. Our 6 year old, who is in Kindergarten, told all of her friends and her teacher at school how excited she was to go get pizza and play games that night after school. I love the way that GattiTown is set up. When we arrived, immediately when you walk in the doors there is a counter to pay for your meals and game cards. I love that GattiTown presents their food as a buffet. There are several pizza options, a salad bar, some fruit and some dessert pizzas. There is plenty to choose from and it is wonderful for me with three very young children to be able to eat our food right when we walk in the door. . There is a room that you eat in that is seperate from the midway with all of the games and attractions. In the eating room, there is a movie going that you can enjoy while eating your pizza. Monsters University was on and all of my kids were excited to watch it! After we ate, the kiddos were super excited to go play! I love how wide open the midway is and how they are far enough apart that you don't feel so crowded while you are trying to play. We love going to GattiTown because they have the very coolest attractions. There is a mini bowling alley, a little boat that rocks back and forth, a carousel. a huge bounce house maze with a slide, and that is in addition to the little midway games and arcade games. We were there for a while and probably could have spent more time playing if our kiddo didn't have school the following day. At the end of our time at Gattitown, we brought our game cards to the prize room. It is quite nice to not have 100's of tickets to hang on to, it is great to just have them loaded on the card. When you swipe your card for your games, it tells you how many tickets you have and how much money is left on your card. The kids picked their prizes and were definitely ready for bed after all the running around they did! We had a great time and the kids have still been talking about our trip and all of our fun together days later. We will definitely be going back to GattiTown very soon!

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