Friday, February 1, 2013

Etched...Upon My Heart by Jill Kelly Review + Giveaway

About the book: Our lives are made up of moments. Some we hope to remember forever and some we long to forget. But it's the tapestry of these moments that come together to write the story God is telling in each of our lives.

In Etched...Upon My Heart, Jill Kelly shares some of the unforgettable moments in her life- some sorrowful, others filled with joy-as a "living epistle" to her daughters. Kelly's raw and honest replections provide encouragement and inspiration for women and mothers who long to pass on hard-won knowledge of God's stedfast love and healing grace to their children.

As she writes, "God will break our hearts, but He will hold the pieces. He will cradle us and redeem every tear we cry." Although great personal pain informs these pages, Kelly's story is ultamtely one of forgiveness, reconciliation, and hope. Through the moments in time that Jill Kelly recounts, you will recognize the daily reality and eternal value of God's plan for your own life.

My thoughts: I found this book both heartbreaking and inspiring. Jill Kelly is wife to NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly and they have faced some heavy trials together, the biggest being the loss of their very young son Hunter. Kelly is open and real as can be opening her heart and sharing some of the most painful times she has been through and how God got her through it. I love the weaving of her personal stories with the chapters different focuses. The chapters are divided by different subjects,  Love, Suffering, Prayer, Forgiveness, Giving, Death, ect. Each chapter contains Kelly's personal story relating to the matter, as well as insight from the Bible relating to the subject. At the end of each chapter, there is a prayer relating to the subject as well as several Bible verses to encourage you and "Etch  Upon Your Heart. I like the way the book was laid out and felt just like Kelly said she wanted readers to feel at the beginning, like I was talking to a girlfriend over coffee. The thing I like about this book is how honest the author is about the things she talks about. She doesn't deny her struggles and she also talks about profound moments she has had spiritually. I felt it was a very well rounded book. I think this is a great book for a mother or any woman really. It's a reminder that we all face some big moments, sometimes big ugly moments, sometimes unbearably sad moments, sometimes joyous moments. Sometimes it good to be reminded we are never alone and even when we feel we are, God is working on our lives in that very moment.

About the Author: Jill Kelly is the wife of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. In September 1997, months after their infant son, Hunter, was diagnosed with a fatal disease called Krabbe Leukodustrophy, Jim and Jill founded the Hunter’s Hope Foundation. As chairman of the board of Hunter’s Hope, Jill helps children suffering from Leukodystrophy, and their families by raising awareness and research funds to fight this devastating disease. She and Jim live in Buffalo, NY, with their two daughters and three dogs. Hunter’s Hope Foundation can be found online at Jill is also the author of Without A Word.

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