Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Philip's Satin Epilator Review

I was beyond excited when my invitation to join the Philip's satin perfect epilator campaign through Bzzagent showed up in my inbox. I immediately joined in and eagerly awaited the day the postman brought my package to the door. I have always wanted to try an epilator, but never took the plunge. I must admit, that tiny contraption intimidated me at first. I knew that the way an epilator works is by pulling each hair from it's root and that sounded pretty painful. I finally sucked it up a few days later and took the epilator and all of it's pieces out of the box. It came with a nice bag to keep everything in together. There was an instruction sheet that said to use the "optimal performance cap" since I am a beginner. There are a few other "caps" that the epilator comes with and the instructions of an explanation of how and when to use each. There are 2 speeds, I chose speed one, which seemed less intimidating to me and turned it on and BOY did it hurt! Like I said earlier, I expected that it would , so I wasn't surprised, but I was not able to make it through epilating even just one leg. However, the half of my leg I did make it through is SO smooth! And the hair is definitely growing back slower. I usually shave every other day if not every day because I am fair skinned and have dark hair. For me, the initial pain of the epilator is worth the extra time I can go between hair removal. I also know that the more I use my new epilator,  I will get more used to that pulling sensation caused by the hair being removed a the roots. For me, that is worth it. And no pain, no gain, right? :)

**I am a Bzzagent and received this product in exchange for my opionion, however all views stated here are my own.

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  1. Great review!I wanted this campaign,but it's ok.Maybe I'll buy my own